August 20, 2014

The Thrill That'll Getcha When You Get Your Picture on the Cover of a Dying Medium

The Royals are on fire. They keep winning and winning and winning. They have somehow become one of the front-runners in the AL. Barring an epic collapse, we'll finally see something we haven't witnessed since 1985. The question now is not so much whether or not they'll make the playoffs, but how they'll do when they get there.

It's been weird seeing the national media struggle to figure out how to talk about the team in a non-mocking way. Hell, I'm a loyal fan and you'll notice I've basically stopped tweeting about them or discussing the current squad on the website, as I really have no idea how to deal with this situation, either.

In fact, the team has broken out in such a crazy way that they are even featured on the (regional edition) of Sports Illustrated! Of course, the national edition of the magazine features Little League breakout star pitcher and first female to appear on SI wearing something other than a bikini in months, Mo'Ne Davis. 

But getting on a regional cover is pretty good, considering the Royals have very rarely even appeared within the pages of Sports Ilustrated during their playoff drought. Here's the cover, featuring Billy Butler doing a home run trot around the bases while fans go crazy.

It's pretty cool, for sure.

I mean, can you image if earlier this season the editors over at SI had decided to do a cover story on the Royals?

It would have been a lot more embarrassing.

Thankfully, those covers won't be on actual magazine racks this week.

They'll just live on forever on this site and on Google Image Search.

Go Royals! You Really Are The Best!

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